Saturday, 18 July 2009

Project 9 - different focal lengths

I've been thinking all week about my planned trip to Dungeness and the photographic opportunities it would provide, and was pleased that this morning at least was bright, but incredibly windy. I suspect that there is as much fishing debris on the beach as this most of the time but with the wind things were perhaps a little untidier. But it is a strange place, somehow feels that it operates under its own special laws.

Anyway, the first task was - I hope - the final one around camera familiarisation, identifying the difference between the images created using different focal lengths.
This first was taken at 70mm, the longest length on the kit zoom lens. It's good in that it's compact and that I can usually take camera-shake free images, although today's wind didn't help with this.
The next at 50mm, pretty close to standard "human" view. OK, but a bit ordinary - nothing "artistic" about this.
This is getting a bit more like it - 26mm with quite a bit of additional foreground.
And this is my favourite; I love the way the wide angle - here 18mm - compresses everything, giving a somehow more intense experience in the same space.