Sunday, 12 July 2009

Project 8 - recording a sequence

This project was about recording the moments before taking the killer shot - how to get to that moment - and also called for "a situation which involves people, ideally out in the street such as a parade or market".

Fortuitously there was a "French market" on today providing plenty of opportunities for the sort of photography this called for. Unfortunately however I'm not that interested in taking pictures of people - certainly out on the street they don't provide the shapes and colours that I enjoy so much and they also tend to be resentful of cameras being pointed in their direction.

Indeed, during the course of this afternoon one of the stallholders suggested in not particularly polite terms that it was £5 to take his pic... and he wasn't even good looking!

Anyway, I dutifully went about the task and include a couple of sequences here, final pictures first.

Sequence One: Thai Noodles

End result, cropped. I did try cutting off the chap on the end to have the three women, which would have been a more satisfying number, but he does somehow add something to the pic - perhaps just some colour or maybe some energy?

Sequence Two: Sausages
The thing that really annoys me about this pic is the thing that's dangling down from the umbrella, obscuring the stall-holder's face. I do like the crinkle of the umbrella though and the different textures of the sausages - but then we're back to colours and shapes.