Sunday, 12 July 2009

Project 4 - shutter speeds

The aim of this project is to show the impact of different shutter speeds on a moving subject. As it's been a bright and blustery day today I chose the sea and its waves breaking on the shore. I used my tripod and a cable release and just changed the shutter speed, taking a picture every time, giving me 34 in total.
Unfortunately, those at the slowest shutter speed end (anything slower than 1/5 sec) were completely burnt out with nothing really visible in the image at all and I just deleted them rather than take up valuable Blogger space.
This is at 1/5 sec and really far too light to be able to appreciate the effect of movement.
This next is at 1/13 and there's quite a nice sense of movement in those waves. Probably still a little bit too light though (and I've resisted "improving" it in Photoshop Elements!).
Now at 1/25 sec and probably my favourite of the slower shutter speeds, with some movement in the waves and a good colour and contrast between light and dark.

Here at 1/80 and movement is still visible although the waves are becoming increasingly defined. Now at 1/125 sec and the first really where the waves are getting sharper.

Now at 1/250 sec and with those waves coming in from the right there's some sense of movement but in the subject rather than through the manipulation of the shutter. Without spray it's perhaps a bit tricky to see how sharp it's getting.
At 1/640 the highlights seem to be getting sharper and the detail of the waves very clear.

At 1/1600 the stillness between waves is apparent - just those fractional seconds before the next wave comes along. And finally, at 1/4000 sec despite the widest aperture available of f5.6 (admittedly pretty unimpressive) and a very bright day as well as the reflection from the sea, the image becomes too dark, although it is still possible to see the apparently millpond-likeness between waves.