Saturday, 27 February 2010

Project 50 - rain

I've really focused on the effects of rain in this project as previous images taken in the rain tend to be a little dull. Maybe I just haven't found the right subject. Mostly these effects are reflections taken in different lighting conditions.

Masts - I really liked the reflections in the puddles here and the way the diagonals mirrored those of the masts. This was a close contender for submission in Assignment 3.
De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill - we were having lunch on Boxing Day overlooking this view and I was impatient to finish up so I could go and catch the reflections following a heavy downpour. The white painted dome in particular shows up very well in the puddles.
More beach huts in Hove. I know I photograph these all the time, but this was an astonishing moment as the sun came out giving rise to the great colours on the prom. It's a real shame about the flats behind that completely destroy the picture (and no amount of cropping improves this situation) but the strength of colour is astonishing - I had to catch the moment!
Unfortunately at this time of year there aren't many flowers out to make interesting water image droplets but this euphorbia does have some potential particularly after the rain. Playing around in Elements I wondered if a black and white version with increased contrast was more effective?