Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Narrative and illustration

What a relief it will be not to see those damp images every time I launch the internet and my homepage blog.

Life has been busy: left old job, started new business and contract, living away from home during the week and fitting in a new man as well. It has all taken some readjustment.

While I've taken plenty of images en route I've also got stuck in the artificial light projects, which has caused a major blockage in the system. Then I decided to stop giving myself a hard time - I'm doing this for fun, after all, not assessment - and thought I'd just move on and do what does interest me.

Above, two photos. the first, in which the subject is all important - a participant in Brighton's naked bike ride - and one in which the image is critical: interesting shapes, colours and reflections. Where it is doesn't really matter, but for the record it's inside the old lighthouse in Dungeness.