Thursday, 11 February 2010

Project 47 - twilight (sunset)

Sunsets are much more accessible than dawns and as these images show, are extraordinarily varied.

Edge lighting
This image has a lovely edge lighting effect to the clouds contrasting with the dark foreground, and taken with an exposure bias of -0.7 stops.
Pink sky over the sea
This astonishing sunset was taken with an exposure bias of +0.7 stops to highlight the amazing pink clouds, which are less visible in the image below that which was taken at the exposure recommended by the camera's meter.
Sussex village
These images of the church in the pretty village of Alfriston are quite different.
The first, taken according to the camera's meter, shows the beautiful pink of the clouds without losing too much of the detail of the church and trees.
This was taken with an exposure bias of +1 stop and shows much more detail of the foreground but loses the colour of the clouds. Perhaps an extra +0.3 of a stop would have been enough.
The silhouette created in this image resulted from a reduction in exposure by one stop, and also has the effect of darkening the clouds. On balance, I think I prefer the standard version.
This image of the Thames was taken with the recommended exposure and maximises the reflections on the front panels of the distant building. A better zoom than I have would have captured that more effectively.
I think this image taken with a wider angle lens is better compositionally with the line of turrets and lights to the left but it is interesting that the sky colour is much more orange than the first - just a reduction of exposure by 0.7 has made that occur.
A fairly understated sunset here in terms of colour but still bright enough to create a striking silhouette.
Just a couple of days later and we were treated to this fantastic orange display.
And on another occasion I took this image but added a warming filter to enhance the sky which was pretty featureless - but I really liked the reflections in the foreground, as well as the silhouette the kids are creating as they play.