Monday, 22 February 2010

Project 48 - dull and cloudy weather

This project called for photographs that would definitely not have been better taken in sunlight. I've found that many images are enhanced by having an interestingly cloudy sky, which is how I have interpreted this project. As these images show, this tends to be contrasted with an element of sunlight even if not a stunningly blue sky.

This black day on Beachy Head is really helped by the shafts of sun streaming through the dense clouds to the sea, helping to silhouette the foreground grasses.
The stormy sea is here complemented by the stormy cloudy sky. A cloudless blue sky really wouldn't have had the same effect.
A cold and cloudy weekend in Edinburgh saw a lot of photographs of the Forth road and rail bridges from all angles! The dense grey cloud enabled the still waters to be the perfect surface for reflections of the rail bridge as well as the red boat moored up in the distance.
The sunset from Calton Hill over Edinburgh was made a lot more interesting by the layer of clouds above, adding interesting colours and textures.
In the other direction, in the cloudy view over the Forth to the hills beyond make an interesting shot in itself. Somehow the clouds act a bit like tofu - soaking up other flavours and textures and then becoming more than the sum of the parts.