Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Project 62: Researching an event

I am very lucky in Brighton in that there is a huge number of things going on, perhaps the most lively is the Pride event which provides vast scope for interesting photography for anyone with an enquiring mind.

Participants start arriving in Maderia Drive early on the Saturday morning where they apply make up, sort out their dresses and generally schmooze for quite some time before the parade actually gets going. They then move slowly through town with thousands of people thronging the streets before heading towards Preston Park for a great party.

The spectators tend to be as outlandishly dressed as the participants providing equally interesting photo opportunities, potentially focusing on size and shape. Colour too is important with many of the floats being carefully coordinated with the outfits.

The setting - right next to the sea - is important, along with Brighton's ever-present turquoise railings, particularly at that end of town. Also intriguing, I think, is the way that national - and international - business has embraced the value of showing local support by participating in the parade, doubtless trying for some rainbow-friendly points among local audiences.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year but the BBC provides the sort of photo essay I aspire to - see their gallery here.

In addition I would have liked to have included more of the context - the sea, the spectators, the railings; one or two close-ups of either participants or onlookers; evidence of the party in full swing and an interesting juxtaposition of, perhaps, something unexpected - child and drag queen or "national treasure" type organisation being promoted, apparently, by unconventional characters.