Saturday, 12 December 2009

Project 33 - secondary colours

The secondary colours are more tricky to find, particularly given that I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark at this time of year, and the number of dark and rainy days we have had that makes naturally lit photography that much more difficult. I have focused therefore on looking for these colours although in not the most inspired context... but I will be continuing to build my photo library of colours over the coming weeks and months.
The location of the light and its impact on these comparatively flat colours also makes a massive difference to how they appear, and perhaps that is partly because the light isn't being used creatively in a total image - and the sun is also very low at this time of year making things a little trickier.

This painted beach hut door was the setting my camera chose and comes closest to the colour circle, and the two below respectively over and under exposed by a stop. The range this creates is quite astonishing.

Another beach hut door and again the camera setting exposure comes closest to that in the colour circle. When the spring comes I will be able to find a massive range of green occurring naturally.

The satsumas too provide a representation of orange close to the colour circle when using the camera's choice of exposure.