Saturday, 12 December 2009

Project 32 - primary colours

This image of my Moroccan slippers is on the exposure recommended by my camera i.e. 1/80 at f5.6 and comes closest to the red specified. The two other images included below are under and over exposed.

This yellow image of a beach hut door is overexposed by one stop and its brightness is the closest to that on the colour wheel. The door was, however, quite a dark shade of yellow but I perceived it as being lighter than the shade shown in the middle picture (which is the recommended exposure) and entirely different to that shown in the underexposed image shown in the lower picture.

While taking a picture of the blue sky might seem entirely unoriginal the sight of it has been a rare occurrence these last few weeks! The "most accurate" blue here is the option underexposed by a stop. Interestingly, I had perceived the sky as being a lighter blue than that shown in the middle image, and which was taken using the camera's choice of exposure.