Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Project 26 - triangles

Here are some of the images taken for the triangles project.
First, take a picture of a triangle - it might be in detail. I like the way the beach hut roofs mirror the detail on the building behind. Then, take a picture creating a triangle using perspective...

And then an inverted triangle using perspective. This was very tricky to get my head around but then after discussion it became clear that the only way was to look downwards. This is in fact from the same car park as the upward triangle.

Then, take an image with three people in showing them making a triangle. With the point mentally made I thought I'd show some different examples where you don't necessarily need three people. Here, the shape the blanket is wrapped around this Maasai lady emphasises the triangular shape of her body...

and from another world entirely, Brighton's Pride festival, the dress on this man clearly creates a triangle.