Monday, 31 August 2009

Project 17

This project is all about defining points and the graphic relationship the points have with the frame.

I had come up with some ideas for points, as requested in project 16: seagulls on the beach; sheep in a field; daisies in the lawn; the moon in the sky or distant people on a mountainside, but instead opted for a brave lady swimming in the sea.

As the images themselves aren't that interesting - in general distant points on a fairly bland background are unlikely to be - I have included the intersection of lines that I added later in Photoshop.
Placing her centrally in the frame makes her look rather lost and aimless; there's no sense of direction, where she is going to or where she has come from.

This I think is the most successful because her swimming parallel to the beach "into" the picture provides a sense of direction and implies that she still has some way to go, providing an element of movement.
I had thought that by positioning her on the left hand side of the frame it would appear as if she had already swum across the frame. Which I think it does, but it is less satisfying - as if the story has been told and we are too late for it.