Thursday, 21 January 2010

Project 44 - low sun

The sun is pretty low almost all of the time at the moment so it was a good time to take these images of Bodiam Castle to demonstrate the different effects of its position.

Frontal lighting
This image shows the sun hitting the castle full on. The combination of that as well as the angle of the sun does make it appear flat and two dimensional. Side lighting
With part of the castle in shade and moving round to its side, the images taken become more interesting as some parts such as the round corner turrets become more of a focal point. The entranceway where the drawbridge would have been in also pronounced with the distinction between light and shade.
Back lighting
This is clearly a great subject for a silhouette but it was surprisingly difficult to take, with a combination of reflections from the sun causing unwanted distortions and a difficulty in determining what exposure to use to ensure this sort of effect rather than one lighter with parts burnt out. I really like the way that the darkness of the castle contrasts with the soft sunlight on the bridge and the deep green of the grass in sunlight.

Edge lighting
Now, I'm not sure that this is really edge lighting (for a more convincing demonstration see my Project 42 entry) but the sun is hitting just the sides of the turrets. I suspect that half an hour later the conditions would have been better as the sun dipped lower down.